Tradition, Myth, and Fantasy



The Fisherman and the Djinni

Tales from The Arabian Nights (2014, 2016)

2 hours • Story Theater/Dance Adaptation •
Retold and Directed by Morgiana Celeste Varricchio
Choreographed by Samara
Additional choreography by Morgiana Celeste Varricchio
Music: Grayson Wells, Mosavo, Jehan Kamal, Kevin Keller

No storyteller is more renowned than the legendary Scheherazade, whose extraordinary skill in the art of storytelling kept her royal husband enthralled for 1,000 nights, thereby saving her own life. MDTC delights in bringing the magic of these tales to the stage in a unique signature style incorporating dance and story-telling narrative. Four tales are presented in the production.

The Fisherman and the Djinni tells of an unsuspecting fisherman who uncorks a brass bottle and releases a djinni bent on revenge.



The Fisherman and the Djinni

Queen of The Serpents
The Queen of the Serpents
The Queen of the Serpents follows a young ne'er-do-well and the fatal chain of events which occur after his meeting with the title character.
The Queeen of the Serpents

Ubar, the Lost Cirt of Brass

Ubar, the Lost City of Brass is a dark and unusual tale, full of timely symbolism. Destroyed by its greed and corrupt pursuit of wealth, Ubar poses as an eerie parable for our current times.

Ubar, the Lost Cirt of Brass

The Ebony Horse

The Ebony Horse, a thrilling tale of derring-do, features an heroic prince, a beautiful princess and a magical, mechanical, flying horse.

The Ebony Horse
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