Bedou Min Jebel (2003)

3 minutes • Lebanese Bedouin Line Dance • Choreographed by Samara • Music: Abu Harba

In the mountains of Lebanon, the Bedouins live as they have for centuries, intermingling their mountain traditions of culture and dance with those of their desert cousins. The Bedouins of Lebanon have a very specific style of dance characterized by rhythmic movements of the shoulders and upper torso, and this festive line dance inevitably breaks into a dabke, the national folkloric dance of Lebanon.

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Photograph by Dan Brenaven

Taal al Eid (2010)

5 minutes • Lebanese Dabke • Choreographed by Ghassan Fadlallah • Music: Ali Hlayhel

Guest choreographer Ghassan Fadlallah created this highly theatrical dabke in the style of Lebanon’s world-famous Caracalla Dance Company, of which he was the lead dancer for many years. 

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