Paradise of Children (2012)

26 minutes • Story Theater/Dance Adaptation • Adapted and Directed by Morgiana Celeste Varricchio
Choreographed by Samara
Music: Jehan

American literary giant Nathaniel Hawthorne's retelling of the classic Greek myth of Pandora, the mysterious box, and her insatiable curiosity, which unleashed a swarm of troubles, comes to life in this dance/story-theater presentation. Hawthorne's words originally written for children, are a curtain for the darker elements of the myth, illustrated throiugh a fusion of jazz, modern, and world dance stylings.

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Syrtaki (2003)

4 minutes • Greek Folk Dance • Choreographed by Morgiana Celeste Varricchio
Music: Constantin Dourountzins

The syrtaki is a combination of two traditional Greek dances: the hasapiko (the slow tempo) and the hasaposerviko (the fast tempo). It was created and popularized by legendary actor Anthony Quinn in his Oscar-nominated performance as the title character in Zorba the Greek. Our light-hearted version salutes the dance, the larger-than-life actor who made it famous, and the passionate men of Greece and Greek heritage who dance it.

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