Banat el Khaleeg (2005)

5 minutes • Women’s Dance from the Arabian Gulf • Choreographed by Samara • Music: Talal Maddah

This dance of the Arabian Gulf is characterized by small shoulder shrugs, delicate bouncing steps, wrist touching, and tossing of the head from side to side to show off the dancer’s glorious long hair. Saudi-style of dance has become popular in Arabic nightclub shows, both in the Middle East and throughout the world. The dancer performs the dance in an elaborately beaded long dress called a thobe.

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Mohammed the Muallim (2010)

13 minutes • Story Theater Adaptation of a Folktale from Oman
Retold and performed by Morgiana Celeste Varricchio • Directed by Donald Brenner

This story theater retelling of a traditional folktale from Oman follows the comical misadventures of the title character, a very old, learned teacher whose “Mr. Magoo”-like qualities make him an unintentional hero. The story has similarities to the Grimm Brothers’ The Brave Little Tailor

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