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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, arts events everywhere have been cancelled, and hopefully rescheduled for some time in the future. Many dance companies are making works from their repertories available to us to watch during these days of COVID-19 quarantines. Mosaic Dance Theater Company joins with them as we offer two of the stories from our production of Tales from The Arabian Nights. If you've seen us live, you know that our storytelling is a unique blend of story-theater narrative and dance (of course!).

The YouTube links below will remain active until the end of April. You can also read some interesting background material via the "Learn more" links to the Mosaic blog. We hope you'll "tune-in" and fall under the spell of the special magic woven by Scheherazade during the thousand and one Arabian nights.

Link to "Ubar, The Lost City of Brass"

Learn more about "Ubar"

Link to "The Ebony Horse"

Learn about the creation of "The Ebony Horse"

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